The Community Food and Justice Coalition promotes the basic human right of access to healthy food. We take a holistic and systemic approach to creating a food system that is equitable, environmentally and economically sustainable, and community-driven.


We see food as a tool for building a just and equitable society. Therefore, we work to be a connector and provide support across issues that impact our communities and our food system; including food and farm policy, healthy food access, climate change, economic development, and health equity. Equity and social justice are the basis for how we approach all of our work. We support communities to affect systemic change starting at the local level.


We believe:

  • Access to healthy food is a basic human right and must not be compromised;
  • Communities are enriched by the cultivation and celebration of diverse food traditions and experience;
  • The production, distribution, and preparation of food must be healthy and humane for all humans, animals and ecosystems;
  • Agricultural land and biological diversity must be protected for future generations; and 
  • All food commerce must be just, democratic and economically fair


CFJC was founded by the Community Food Security Coalition in 2003 as a way to coordinate the efforts of the burgeoning food justice movement in California, and address food policy needs. CFJC was a program of the Community Food Security Coalition until 2008 when CFJC became an independent project, and is now fiscally sponsored by the Public Health Institute.  In October 2012, we changed our name from the California Food and Justice Coalition to the Community Food and Justice Coalition to better reflect the work we do on behalf of our partners in communities across the country.

CFJC is a program of the Public Health Institute:  Tax ID No. 94-1646278