Community Workshops

In order to discuss the biggest challenges with our current food system and what residents see as real solutions, CFJC is providing educational workshops and planning meetings statewide regarding the Farm Bill. These Farm Bill Sessions are meant to relate the Farm Bill to our daily lives, engage residents in discussion surrounding food access, quality, and nutrition, and bring people together to create positive changes in our food system.

CJFC has held eleven sessions to date:
1. Oakland, February 2011
2. East Oakland, August 2011 (co-hosted by HOPE Collaborative and the Oakland Food Policy Council)
3. West Oakland, August 2011 (co-hosted by the HOPE Collaborative and the Oakland Food Policy Council)
4. San Diego, November 2011 (co-hosted by San Diego Hunger Coalition and Food and Water Watch)
5 & 6. Oakland High School – two workshops, January 2012
7. Tehiyah Day School, January 2012
8. UC Santa Barbara, February 2012 (co-hosted by UCSB AS Environmental Affairs Board and Santa Barbara County Agrifood Systems)
9. Sacramento, June 2012 (co-hosted by Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op)
10. Berkeley, July 9 2012 (co-hosted by Urban Adamah)
11. Berkeley, July 17, 2012 (co-hosted by Bay Area Mitzvah Corps)
12. Oakland, October 27, 2012 held as part of Phat Beets Produce Food N’ Justice Series

To view an informational powerpoint presentation from one of our Farm Bill workshops, please view our Tools page.

Want a Farm Bill workshop in your community?
CFJC works with other organizations and individuals to host Farm Bill workshops throughout California. If you wish to co-host a workshop in your community, please contact Jessy at

Kelly discusses health impacts of the Farm Bill | Sabrina leads overview of the authorization process | Armando highlights Farm Bill current news