Distinguished Fellows

CFJC’s Distinguished Fellows Program promotes thought leaders who have transformed the food system through contributions that effected social change.

Jenny Huston


Jenny is a native of San Francisco with 30 years of wide ranging experience in the restaurant and food services industry. A formally trained chef and professional cook, she has worked with Patrice Boely, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, Joyce Goldstein, Jeremiah Towers, and Patty Unterman in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

Jenny is the Founder and Executive Chef of Farm to Table Services, an Oakland-based organization that works with government, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises to develop meal programs and services that use local and sustainable food products. Through her work, Jenny addresses issues of food equity, nutrition, and social justice. She has taught culinary arts courses at Bay Area community colleges and currently serves as a member of the Oakland Food Policy Council. She holds degrees in Dietetics, Food Sciences, and Hospitality Management from San Jose State University and a Masters degree in Food Economics, Policy, and Food Systems from New York University.

Lorette Picciano


Lorette has served as Executive Director of the Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural, a Washington, DC-based alliance of more than 70 culturally diverse community based organizations representing small producers and farmworkers in the US and Mexico, since 1992. She works with the Rural Coalition’s diverse Board and members to promote just and sustainable development in rural areas.

Lorette is a leader in work to secure equitable farm and food policy, participating in her 7th Farm Bill Debate. In the 2008 Farm Bill debate, she coordinated Farm and Food Policy Diversity Initiative, a collaboration of almost a dozen organizations representing socially disadvantaged producers and farmworkers in a unified effort to assure equal access to the programs of the US Department of Agriculture for farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers. As a result the initiative, more than 30 sections of new policy were included in the farm bill to benefit socially disadvantaged producers.

David Hilliard

David is the Executive Director of the Intercommunal Institute for Research and Social Change (IIRSC). Formerly a founding member and Chief of Staff in the Black Panther Party, he has worked consistently over time to effect social change. In memory of the Panther’s co-founder and David’s childhood friend, David formed the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, a non-profit center focusing on research, education, and advocacy for social change.

David is the author of This Side of Glory—Dr. Hillard’s autobiography and the story of the Black Panther Party—as well as co-author of the first authorized biography about Huey P. Newton titled, Huey: Spirit of the Panther. Dr. Hillard has also taught at Merritt College, Laney College, New College, the University of New Mexico, and is a frequent lecturer of African-American resistance movements.

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