Featured Community Partners

Social and Economical Development Project

The Social and Economical Development Project was started as an organization geared towards the support of women’s health and empowerment in the Bayview community. Established by local resident Kesha Cromartie, SEDP provides resources and support for those most impacted by the health crisis in San Francisco’s District 10.

 Growing Equity from the Ground Up

Growing Equity from the Ground UpGrowing Equity from the Ground Up will establish an urban gardening and farming training program to prepare community leaders to advance equity. The project aims to become the premiere national site for developing expert gardeners and farmers who are cross-trained in the knowledge and skills needed to make sustainable, healthy food production the foundation for strategic and comprehensive interventions that address the multiple interconnected economic, employment, educational, environmental, health, and nutritional challenges facing urban communities.

Apprentices will learn to transform urban communities literally from the ground up, taking direction for building healthy and sustainable communities by restoring the fertility of the land, growing and distributing organic food in an ecologically and economically sustainable way, and living a healthy lifestyle. Growing Equity from the Ground Up will not simply create the nation’s most comprehensive urban garden and farm network and urban ecological horticulture program, but it will leverage the resources of its graduates and affiliated organizations to untangle the policy knots that bind responses to the many problems undermining the well being of urban communities.

Farm to Table Food Services

UntitledFarm to Table Food Services connects people to the farms and farmers that grow our food. By developing meal programs and services that use local and sustainable food products, Farm to Table Food Services increases access to healthy foods, supports local agriculture, and strengthens local economies and communities.

Farm to Table Food Services works with municipalities, governmental entities, and nonprofit and social enterprises to plan a wide range of programs and services including healthy meal programs, community events, workshops and cooking demonstrations.

CFJC’s partnership with Farm to Table Services strengthens our capacity for community engagement at the grassroots level for food justice. Recent events CFJC has partnered with Farm to Table Food Services include Food Day at Tassafaronga Park, a Survival Pending Transformation of Society event in Vallejo, and City Slicker Farm Stand’s Speak Out event, among others. Additionally, Farm to Table Services’ Founder Jenny Houston has published a cookbook designed to facilitate CFJC Kitchen Table Talk dinners and discussions. The digital cookbook provides recipes for low cost, nutritious, and easy-to-make meals. You can read though the cookbook here.

Intercommunal Institute for Research and Social Change

The Intercommuncal Institute for Research and Social Change (IIRSC) is a project of the Huey P. Newton Foundation. David Hilliard, former Chief of Staff of the Black Panther Party, began both the Foundation (in 1993) and the IIRSC (2012) in honor of his childhood friend and Black Panther Party colleague, Huey P. Newton.

The institute will include:

David Hilliard, Food Justice conference, 2011

David Hilliard, Founder of IIRSC

  • Digital and interactive meseam/exhibit hall
  • Lecture/Conference room
  • Classroom student research faility
  • Administrative offices
  • Community employment, training, and revenue building
  • Bookstore for students

The following is an overview of the operations of the Institute:

  • House Black Panther Party archival materials for research and study
  • Maintain museum exhibits of Black Panther Party artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, newspapers, video, and audio recordings
  • Provide classes for college coursework, and for community, high school, and online students
  • Establish service-learning projects based on the Party’s Survival Programs, including creation of a model community; establishment of organic community gardens and a free community health clinic; and development of cooperative youth enterprises
  • Sponsor academic and public conferences
  • Publish books and other materials and produce film projects

IIRSC Past Event:

Survival Pending Transformation of Society August 25th, Vallejo

Huey P. Newton Foundation

The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation is a community-based, non-profit research, education and advocacy center dedicated to fostering progressive social change. By preserving the history of multicultural activism and community self-determination, by educating the public about this history’s continued relevance and by creating a crucible for practicing on-going progressive changes guided by the writings and teachings of Huey P. Newton, the Foundation seeks to empower all people, but especially urban youth, to be builders of a true global community. It operates to promote the community-service values of the Black Panther Party, which had projects like the Free Breakfast Program where Panthers would cook and serve free food to poor inner city youth each morning before school.

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