Free Workshops at The California Endowment

Workshops at The California Endowment provided an opportunity for local communities members to host and participate in additional and free workshops for the conference.

CFJC is committed to providing opportunities for communities to share knowledge in 2012; through hosting Farm Bill workshops, supporting Kitchen Table Talks and holding monthly events to Take Back our Food System.

If you would like to offer your expertise to CFJC and collaborate on community workshops or events that would explore food justice issues, please reach out to Erin Middleton at

Below is a description of the conference community workshops, including the names and affiliations of the workshop facilitators.

Food Security for Indigenous People in Local Communities

  • Guillermo Vasquez- Indigenous Permaculture
  • Pascual Yaxon- Indigenous Permaculture Project Director
  • Gary Smith- Hoopa California

Workshop speakers presented on their food security projects with a focus of what has happened in their indigenous communities.

Socially Enterprising Urban Agriculture Nonprofits; Models for Community-Based Production

  • Daniel Miller- Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project
  • Doria Robinson- Urban Tilth
  • Gavin Raders- Planting Justice
  • Brent Walker- Phat Beets, People’s Grocery, Planting Justice, Spiral Gardens

Four accomplished, moving and shaking, East Bay urban agriculture nonprofits shared their work on a range of innovative models including: partnerships to use municipal and school district land; designing self-funding, replicable models for food and economic justice that aren’t reliant on foundations; and shaping proactive public policy.

Whiteness Unplugged: Art and Media for Change

  • Elana Isaacs- Change Games: Creativity for Justice
  • Angela Sevin- The Green Life: San Quentin Prison, LEAP (Land Empowerment Animal People)

Participants explored new creative ways of catalyzing change where we often get stuck. They used improvisation, art, and play as transformational tools for pulling the rug out from under systems of privilege.

Corporate Interference in Food Policy

  • Paula Arnquist- Senior Researcher Corporate Accountability International
  • Michele Simon- public health lawyer, has been researching and writing about the food industry and politics since 1996

From production to distribution, our food system is monopolized by a handful of corporations. This workshop covered how corporations of all types control the food we eat, the ways it impacts our health and the health of our communities, and ways to disrupt corporate efforts.

Leveraging Farmers’ Markets as Keystones of Local Alternative Food Systems

  • Ben Feldman- Ecology Center
  • Allen Moy- Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Association
  • Jared Call- Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles
  • Sarah Noss- Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute

Farmers’ markets are a time honored way for farmers to sell produce, but they can be so much more. This workshop covered the basics of starting and operating farmers’ markets, and how to maximize the role that farmers’ markets can play in building alternative and just, local food systems.

Bridging Strategies for Change: Food Movements Unite and Cultivating Food Justice

  • Alison Alkon- University of the Pacific
  • Eric Holt-Gimenez- Food First

The food movement brings together many approaches including food justice, food sovereignty, local food, slow food, etc. This session explored how the movement can come together. Framing the session were two new books, Food Movements Unite and Cultivating Food Justice.