Why Become a Member?

The Community Food and Justice Coalition (CFJC) advances its agenda to re-build an equitable and sustainable food system—that work for people and the environment. At CFJC we strive to treat and examine each aspect of the food system through a justice lens as the best means of ensuring that a new and evolving food economy serves everyone.

What do Coalition Members Do?

  • CFJC members’ local efforts are shared to impact food systems at a larger state-wide level movement. By participating in membership committees that develop and carry out CFJC’s advocacy and education campaigns, members magnify the lessons they have learned locally to regional, statewide and national effect.
  • Joining CFJC builds support for grassroots food justice work at the state and national levels.  Example: CFJC co-sponsored ground breaking California farm to school legislation in 2005, which in addition to educating elected officials, public health advocates and the media about the need for small farms and local and urban agriculture resulted in new programs around the state.
  • In response to a growing economic crisis CFJC conducted “meet-ups” around the state so that members could chart the coalition’s future that resulted in Grow Local, a core program that celebrates member efforts and focuses on capacity building of local organizations.
  • CFJC members help to shape the ever important U.S. Farm Bill. In 2008, CFJC completed its first federal farm bill campaign that resulted in significant funding for food stamps, nutrition education, community food projects, outreach to new and minority farmers and organic conversions.CFJC’s policy positions are based on grassroots input from urban and rural residents and from non-profit organizations in California working for food justice.
  • CFJC organizes monthly Public Policy Conference Calls, to come together over shared issues and efforts, lending to a coalition that is authentic and responsive to grassroots and local organizations shaping a sustainable food system in California.
  • CFJC members can nominate individuals (including themselves) to serve on the Coalition’s Steering Committee. A new steering committee took over in March, 2011.
  • CFJC welcomes collaboration with member organizations to leverage funding opportunities to advance common goals.
  • CFJC members enjoy discounted registration fees at all CFJC events and training workshops.

Download a .pdf of Membership Benefits here.