Guerrilla Kitchen Table Talks

Building off of CFJC’s Kitchen Table Talks, Guerrilla Kitchen Table Talks can happen anywhere at any time; all that is needed is a nutritious meal and people coming together to discuss food issues effecting individuals and communities.

CFJC and Food First with their call-to-action to Take Back Our Food System are dedicated to authentically and successfully connecting with communities throughout the East Bay and the GKTT are a current effort to do so. Throughout 2012 and leading up to a People’s Food Justice Summit, CFJC and Food First will organize GKTTs regularly in various community spaces in Oakland, CA in partnership with other food justice organizations.

By sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences, these conversations have the power to make a real difference in the health of our communities. It’s our basic human right to have access to healthy food!

 If you are interested in participating with the Guerrilla Kitchen Table Talks, please email us at

For upcoming GKTTs, please visit our events page.

Kitchen Table Talks Cook Book
Jenny Huston, founder of Farm to Table Food Services and Oakland Food Policy Council member, has unveiled a new cook book for CFJC’s Kitchen Table Talks program. CFJC believes access to healthy food is a basic right. Kitchen Table Talks bring community members together to talk about their concerns related to food access, quality, and affordability, diet, nutrition, and social and ecological problems surrounding food production and consumption. This cook book is designed to facilitate Kitchen Table Talk dinners and discussions by providing recipes for low cost, nutritious, and easy-to-make meals!

Jenny Huston’s Farm to Table Cook Book