Occupy the Food System

CFJC in conjunction with many other organizations, food justice activists and community members are working together to unify and amplify the food justice movement in the East Bay in an effort to Take Back Our Food System.

Meeting bi-weekly to strategize and plan actions and events around the East Bay, the group has already successfully put on two community-rooted events in solidarity with the Global Day of Action to Occupy the Food Supply on February 27, 2012. A description of the events can be found here.

Occupy the Food System group also held a “Swarm-In” at Bayer in Berkeley on May 16th. Activists, bee-keepers, families and Occupiers buzzed in from all over the East Bay to swarm Bayer in protest of their neonicitinoid pesticides that have been scientifically linked to the world-wide collapse of bees. Read more about the event on our blog.

The group is currently honing in on goals, strategies and tactics. Please stay tuned for details here and if you’re interested in joining the conversation with Occupy the Food System, please email emiddleton@cafoodjustice.org. Also, more details about the group’s status can be found here.