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Food Policy

Farm Bill Primer
Maps, resources, and links for understanding the Farm Bill and who influences how it’s written.

LA Food Policy Council’s Good Food Purchasing and Procurement Pledge
LA becomes the first city to sign a Good Food Purchasing and Procurement Motion Pledge. The LA Food Policy Council’s Good Food Purchasing and Procurement Pledge addresses support for the local economy, sustainable production, a valued workforce, animal welfare, and nutrition. The Motion passed unanimously with 14 ayes on Food Day (October 24, 2012).

A Clean [Farm] Bill of Health
The winning graphic from December 2011′s Farm Bill Hackathon. See other great infographics here.

National Farmland Trust’s Key Studies and Reports
National and regional reports on agriculture, urbanization, legislation, and the economy

Farm Bill 101
Quick overview from Northwest Farm Bill Action Group

Farm Bill Budget Visualizer
This project of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future uses interactive “treemap” technology to share information about the budget of the 2008 Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill and You
A series of informational art that relates daily activities and everyday food to the complex policy language of the Farm Bill.


How the Farm Bill Affects More Than Just Farms
Web diagram from the Center for American ProgressThe Farm Bill and Communities of Color Webinar Archive

Farm subsidies 101
Factsheet from Food and Water Watch

United States Farm Bills – National Agricultural Law Center
Full text for all US Farm Bills from 1933 to Present

Basic GIPSA Rule Explanation (2010)

How GIPSA’s Competition Rule Disrupts Packers’ Plan to Control the Cattle Supply Chain (Part I) and (Part II)
By the President of Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America

Urban Food Policy

CFSC’s Food Policy Council Map (2012)

State and Local Food Policy Councils
No longer updated, but still a good resource

Oakland Food Policy Council

NY Times: A History of Food Stamps Use and Policy

Planning to Eat?
Innovative Local Government Plans & Policies to Build Healthy Food Systems in the US


Edible Parks Oakland
The Edible Parks Task Force aims to complement and amplify the important work of the OPR Community Garden Coordinator while supporting OPR’s “efforts to promote health, stem obesity, and encourage civic participation, personal development, and empowerment” through an Edible Parks Community Stewardship Program.

Community Food Systems Bibliography
This bibliography documents the growing interest in community food systems, focusing mostly on analyses of food-related activities and trends within the United States.

SF Urban Ag Toolkit
Starting a garden or urban farm can be difficult in SF. The SFUAA guide Starting a Garden or Urban Farm in San Francisco can help you get started.

East Bay Urban Ag Toolkit
Everything from soil basics to site testing!

The Interactive Oakland Urban Agriculture Map
Project led by Nathan McClintock, UC Berkeley Dept. of Geography

Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Resources List
Extensive website list from Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security

City Harvest

City Farmer News
City Farmer’s first website Urban Agriculture Notes has provided urban ag web resources since 1994

Urban Permaculture
Resources by Planting Justice

Institute of Urban Homesteading

Urban Food – Scaling up Urban Agriculture in Oakland, CA

Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library

The Seed Library Social Network

Farmworker Justice

The National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association
The  mission of the organization is to engage and empower Latino farmer advocacy groups throughout the United States and beyond to protect and promote sustainable farm policy issues for quality and safe food systems for the future.

Inventory of Farmworker Issues and Protections in the United States
Collaborative report by United Farm Workers and Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation with support from Oxfam America

The Color of Food Report
Maps out how race, gender, and class affect labor in food production

Pigford Lawsuit Settlement
From the Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund

Food Chain Workers Alliance

Student/Farmworker Alliance

Fields of Peril: Child Labor in US Agriculture
Extensive report from Human Rights Watch

Focus on the Food Chain

Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Florida-based farmworker rights organization

Just Harvest

Injustice on Our Plates: Immigrant Women in the US Food Industry
Southern Poverty Law Center report

Food Politics Blogs

Food First blog

Huffinton Post Green Blog

Yale Sustainable Food Project

U.S. Food Policy Blog

La Vida Locavore’s Sustainable Food blog

Farm to Table 
A community blog chronicling the people, places and ideas shaping the local food movement

Civil Eats


The Slow Food USA Blog

Obama Foodorama Blog
Covering Obama Administration food and nutrition initiatives


The Ethicurean: Chew the Right Thing


Food Politics
Blog written by professor and author Marion Nestle

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future – Blog

Politics of the Plate
Written by James Beard Award winner Barry Estabrook

Health, Nutrition, & Food Safety

A Guide to Promoting Asian Specialty Produce
This Guide was developed for distribution to growers, inspectors, and consumers. It lists vegetables and other specialty crops commonly grown in different Asian regions, codifies names for each product, and provides short recipes.

Health Policy Brief 2012:  Food Insecurity in CA

Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate
A guide that focuses on the types and quality of food consumers should choose to ensure a healthy diet

The Impact of Farm Bill Policies on Public Health
A report from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future that analyzes 18 policies in the 2008 Farm Bill and how they affect the health of our communities.

Portion Distortion Interactive Quiz – National Institutes of Health
Compares contemporary meal portions to the portions available 20 years ago

PBS Frontline Guide to Industrial Beef Production
Exhaustive site with interviews and reports on food safety, inspections, and farm conditions from 2002

Food Safety News
Daily updates on food safety stories.

The Food Revolution Network
John and Ocean Robbins keep you informed about your food.

The Cornucopia Institute
The Cornucopia Institute, through research and investigations on agricultural and food issues, provides needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media.

GMO Myths and Truths
An evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops.

Communities Creating Healthy Environments Resource Library
Reports on health and diet in communities of color

Rethink the Food Label Competition
Collaboration between GOOD Magazine and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s News21

The Health of Alameda County Cities and Places
Report from Alameda County Public Health Department containing demographic and health information

Cultural and Ethnic Food and Nutrition Education Materials
Extensive resource list from USDA

California AgVision 2030
Over the last two years, the CA State Board of Food and Agriculture has been working on the California Agricultural Vision (Ag Vision) — a process to result in a strategic plan for the future of the state’s agriculture and food system

Food Access: Farmers’ Markets, CSAs, etc.

The Ecology Center
Inspiring and building a sustainable, healthy, and just future for the East Bay, California, and beyond.

Taking part in the CropMobster™ community is a great way to help local farms, food sellers and producers AND create affordable access to fresh food, free donations and other items of surplus and excess that may be at risk of going to waste.

Local Harvest
Resource for finding local farmers’ markets, CSAs, family farms, etc.

California Federation of Certified Farmer’s Markets

Farmers’ Markets of Southern California

WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program
Overview from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Learn about SNAP Benefits at Farmers’ Markets
From the USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Farmers Market Coalition – Resource Library
Extensive resource database developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions

Climate Change

Are You a Climate Change Survivor? Activity Workbook 
A fun new activity workbook and game with handy fact sheets from the Pacific Institute and Oakland Climate Action Coalition (OCAC) that provide engaging activities to raise awareness about climate change impacts like heat waves, flooding, and poor air quality – and the tools that community members can use to build safety and resilience.

Climate Change and Health

How to Reach Out to Your Local Officials

Sustainable Food Systems: Building Benefits for Climate Change and Health

How to Get Involved in Climate Action Planning

Berkeley Climate Action Coalition’s infographic on Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan Results

Climate Change Resilience Fact Sheets from Oakland Climate Action Coalition’s Resilience and Adaptation Committee

Fact Sheet – Climate change and human health

Fact Sheet – How to reach out to your local official

Fact Sheet – Sustainable food systems for cc and health

Factsheet – How to get involved in climate action planning

California Public Policy Action Plan For Climate Change


Maps, Guides, Etc.

A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood

Eat Well Guide

EWG’s Good Food on a Tight Budget

EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

EWG’s Meat Eater’s Guide

Interactive Map of Food Price Pressure Points
Oxfam America map of food price spikes

Food & Water Watch’s Factory Farm Map

Fair Food List
List of orgs working for just and sustainable food compiled by Fair Food Network

The Color of Food Directory
Worldwide directory and map for food leaders, farmers, and initiatives led by people of color

Greenhorns Guidebook
Resource written by young farmers, for young farmers

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Youth Food Bill of Rights
Youth at the Rooted in Community Leadership Summit came up with this list of demands for a just food system

Principles of a Healthy, Sustainable Food System
Released by a coalition of the American Planning Association, American Dietetic Association, American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association

Educational Programs


Earth Amplified and New Message Media’s Food Fight Curriculum
A comedic musical video with an accompanying school curriculum.  The Food Fight team combined music and film with a school curriculum, to help teachers engage students on the most pressing issues we face. Food Fight follows a kid on a journey through his homicidal food reality. The local corner store is killing his neighborhood — literally. From a Morpheus-like guide, he learns the reality behind the food he’s buying, and must decide to take the Orange Carrot Pill or the Red Bull Pill.

PhD’s Education Index
The Education Index at is the Internet’s premier source of updated, clear educational data about undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. We use publicly available numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and strive to present them in a simple and easy-to-digest way. Our desire is to make it easy for you to pick the best college you possibly can with this index: a college that fits your financial, social and educational interests and goals.

Social Services and Programs

The People’s Guide to Welfare Health and Other Services
Published since the late 1970s, the Peoples Guide has become the standard guidebook of public social services for people working in the field, people in need of help, and those just helping their neighbors. Available in English and Español.

United States Department  of Agriculture

Department of Defense Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
The Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program allows schools to use USDA Foods entitlement dollars to buy fresh produce. The program is operated by the Defense Logistics Agency at the Department of Defense.

FNCS Recipe Box
The Recipe Box consolidates the nutritious know-how of USDA’s Food Nutrition and Consumer Services agencies, Food and Nutrition Service, and the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion into a collection of quick, delicious, cost-effective recipes for every type of cook.

USDA’s Food Desert Locator

USDA’s Food Environment Atlas
Tracks statistics on food access, community health and socioeconomic status