The conference was a great success, both for the registrations who attended the mainstream events and the community members (in particular the highschool students), who were able to attend as part of a grant provided by The California Endowment.

Below are a few reactions from the students who attended the CFJC Youth Track, which included workshops and X…


“If we don’t have fresh food we won’t have a healthy life.  This conference helped me want to make a change in the world and also to start by making one in my life.” – Odalys Nunez

“What really moved me was when we went to Frank Ogawa Plaza/Occupy Oakland.  We did art, made hands and sang with Jennifer Johns. It made me feel what the people were going through everyday.  It was like we are the ones in the community that identify what is going on and we have the ability to change it.” – Reginald Selmond

“I learned about how farm workers are being exploited, and how people have been fighting to increase wages, get health care, have a safe environment and good education.  I also learned how certain ingredients in our food affect our mood, thinking skills, motivation and our health.  It’s rare to find food without corn syrup. This conference really got into my head.  I started  thinking about our earth, health and future, because one day young people will be cleaning up after our past.  We are the future!” – Lisette Loza

“I think this conference really got to me, and I really understand food justice better.  It inspired me to want to strive to be healthy and to help my family.” – Brenda Villarreal